Call for Submissions: How Has Japan Changed You?

Hello writers!

Living in a foreign country can change you in ways you may not even notice or sometimes in big ways. How has Japan changed you? Think you could share a story about this change in 500-1,000 words?

These changes can be big or small, positive or negative, but the key is they must have narrative and focus. “Your Story” is all about sharing experiences, so please remember not to write your piece like a travel or news article. Basically, personal narrative and memoir style submissions please.

Also, the submissions must be based on true events or circumstances so please no fictional entries. Authors of all the submissions will be asked to sign a contract stating their story as truthful to their knowledge. If some submissions contain information found to be untrue, the submission will be rejected and/or removed from the site.

If you have a true story about how Japan changed you, please send your submission to:

When You Submit: Please tell a little bit about yourself with 3-4 sentences in the body of your email. Please include links to social media, your affiliated organizations, and anything else you would like to promote with your story.

Payment: There will be compensation* as well: 500-800 words for 1,000 yen and 800-1,000 words for 2,000 yen. For over 1,000 word entries, apologies but as this site is a start up and self-funded endeavor the monetary limit stops at 2,000 yen. However, you must have a Paypal account in order to receive this compensation!

Submission Limit: Submissions will be capped at 10 entries, at which point the submissions will be closed for review. Submissions will also be closed upon the deadline date (usually one month after the call for submissions is put out).

Remember, well written stories please, so that means check for spelling and grammar errors before submission.

Deadline: April 6th, 2018 for this topic. However, if the cap of 10 entries isn’t filled, then the deadline will be extended by one week.

Here are some links to help for personal narrative and memoir style writing:


One thought on “Call for Submissions: How Has Japan Changed You?

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    Alright, so I’m starting something new! “Your Story ここからそこまで” is a new site dedicated to telling other people’s stories about Japan. I’m looking for people to feature on it. If you’re interested, check out the information here!


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